Welcome to Clean Street

A community led neighbourhood cleaning Initiative, enabling community groups and organisations to build ties and combine skills and resources for the betterment of the neighbourhood. The objective of this initiative is not just to clean, rather it is to create a platform for people of various faiths and backgrounds to meet each other, work together, and benefit the wider community on common values in Britain. This promotes community cohesion, integration and the sense of belonging, which is almost lost in this modern age of technology and social media.

It’s not just about cleaning…
It’s about ownership
The sense of belonging

Our aim is empower local groups and organisations to work in their own areas to help clean and maintain their parks, high streets and communal areas. Even though the councils already provide a cleaning service, but the council can never be successful in their job unless we the residents treat the neighbourhood as our own.
There are various groups and organisation already working locally providing excellent services, but often their services are targeting only certain people (often because of the nature of cause). This initiative creates a common platform where everyone can get involved irrelevant of race, gender, age, beliefs and physical abilities.

Join the E5 Campaign on Tuesday 28th April

Join the E7 Campaign on Sunday 19th April 2015

Join the E12 Campaign on Saturday 4th April 2015

Participating Organisations: